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Top-tier Sex Offenses Defense at the Law Offices of Steven Gacovino

Exceptional Representation for Sex Offenses Cases by the Renowned Lawyer, Steven Gacovino

At the Law Offices of Steven Gacovino, we understand the gravity of facing a sex offenses case.

Accusations of sex offenses can be life-altering, causing significant personal and professional ramifications.

With years of experience as a sex offenses lawyer, Steven Gacovino offers unparalleled legal representation, safeguarding your rights and reputation.

Extensive Expertise in Sex Offenses Cases

Our firm brings profound knowledge and experience in various sex offenses cases, such as:

  • Rape & statutory rape
  • Sexual assault & battery
  • Child molestation
  • Indecent exposure

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were approximately 433,000 reported victims of rape and sexual assault in the U.S. in 2019.

Our firm recently secured an acquittal in a high-profile sexual assault case by successfully challenging the credibility of the prosecution’s key witnesses.

Comprehensive Defense Strategy for Sex Offenses

We strive to provide a rigorous defense in sex offenses cases, encompassing:

  • Thorough case analysis
  • Detailed evidence review
  • Challenging the prosecution’s narrative

The Department of Justice reports that around 33% of sex offenses cases result in a conviction.

Our firm recently defended a client in a child molestation case, having the charges dismissed due to a lack of reliable evidence.

Personalized Approach to Each Sex Offense Case

Understanding that every case is unique, we adopt a customized approach to your defense strategy.

Our process includes the following:

  • Detailed case evaluations
  • Regular updates on case progression
  • Clear and concise advice

In a recent case involving accusations of indecent exposure, we used our client’s unique circumstances to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, resulting in a reduced sentence.

Confidential Consultations for Sex Offenses Cases

We value privacy and confidentiality in all our consultations.

Our consultation process involves the following:

  • In-depth discussion of your case details
  • Assessment of possible defense strategies
  • Guidance on the next steps

Recently, a client approached us after being accused of a sex offense—after a comprehensive review, and we devised a defense strategy leading to the client's acquittal.

Facing A Sex Offense Charge Can Be Devastating

Let us stand by your side and fight for your rights—because your freedom and reputation are at stake, trust us to advocate tirelessly.

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