JUUL® E-Cigarette Addiction

As a leading brand of nicotine vaporizers, JUUL® Labs used irresponsible marketing practices and product design to tap into an underaged consumer market.

The popularity of vaping and “juuling” has led to teenaged non-smokers becoming addicted to nicotine and putting themselves at risk for many adverse health conditions.

In addition to the company’s irresponsible marketing practices, JUUL® products are a cause for concern due to their nicotine content, which is even higher than in most other e-cigarettes sold in the United States.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and JUUL®’s use of protonated nicotine allows JUUL® users to absorb higher concentrations than with free-base nicotine.

Unlike other leading e-cigarette and vape manufacturers, JUUL® does not sell nicotine-free pods, which makes their claim to serve as an aid to smokers who wish to quit smoking seem dubious.

Negative health effects of nicotine include lung cancer, respiratory problems, emphysema, and more.

Obviously, the younger a person is when they start to consume nicotine, the longer they have to negatively impact their health.

Most concerning of all is the fact that a teenager’s underdeveloped brain has been scientifically proven to be more vulnerable to addiction than an adult brain.

Evidence suggests that JUUL® Labs illegally marketed JUUL® to minors to increase their product use, in full knowledge that teens are more likely to become hooked.

Through various JUUL® youth vaping lawsuits, victims of nicotine addiction are holding this company accountable for its dangerous product and unethical marketing tactics.

How Did JUUL® Illegally Market To Teenagers?

First of all, JUUL® marketing campaigns relied heavily on social media influencers to appeal to an audience under the age of 18.

Additionally, the range of fruity flavors in their vape pods attracted a younger consumer by making the taste of nicotine more accessible to people who don’t already smoke.

(Tobacco companies’ use of fruity flavors had already been banned from cigarettes by the FDA in 2009.)

Finally, the discreet design of the device itself is geared toward younger product users who wish to keep their habit hidden from parents and other adults.

If you became addicted to nicotine through use of a JUUL® vaporizer before you were 18 years old and before November of 2018, you could be entitled to compensation.

It’s important to speak with a knowledgeable JUUL® e-cigarette lawyer as soon as possible.

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If you used JUUL® as a minor and became addicted to nicotine, a JUUL® teen addiction lawsuit is the only way to secure the compensation you deserve.

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